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Inspired by a Love for Sandwiches.

Our Vision

Philly makes world-famous sandwiches. Huda, a fast-casual sandwich shop in Rittenhouse, takes the Philly sandwich to new places, bringing you something familiar but different.

The difference starts with our chef-owner, Yehuda Sichel. Yehuda worked in a Jewish deli as a teenager for his first cooking job. He went on to lead top Philly restaurant kitchens, like Zahav and Abe Fisher. At Huda, he has taken all of his learnings, technique, and rigorous attention to detail gained from his fine dining career and returned to his roots: sandwiches.

So, What's a Huda Sandwich?
What does it look like when a chef with Yehuda's imagination and talent focuses everything on making the best sandwiches possible? A Huda sandwich is an innovative, soft-bun sandwich that goes beyond expectations. Try one with your family or friends in our carefree dining room or to-go, and you'll find our sandwiches bring people together and go their own way. Huda uses Japanese milk buns, all baked in our ovens. Our bread takes 4 days. Buns are soft - very different from Amoroso-style rolls - meaning they go better with a different universe of sandwiches: egg, short rib grilled cheese, animal-style smashburger, spicy Korean chicken...

Elevating the Sandwich Experience

Chef Yehuda tinkers with ratios, textures, and goes absolutely next level on the fillings. Meat and fish are butchered right in our kitchen, where the laser focus on every detail makes for a top-notch customer experience. A lot of thought and heart goes into single ingredients. Like chilis pickled and folded into a 5-cheese blend to make the house pepperjack. Like a whole brisket, confited, sliced, and grilled for the ideal smoky char and melting texture. At Huda, chef Yehuda hopes to evoke old-school sandwiches like the ones you grew up eating, only with plenty of additions, refinements, and done his way. He believes sandwiches can be just as refined as anything you can taste at elite restaurants. So can the seasonal vegetables, salads, and of course, the fries. Huda expands on what's possible for the Philly sandwich. Come stop by and join us in the dining room or grab a meal to-go and taste for yourself.